Public Spaces

The Masterplan delivers 13 new public spaces and routes and will enable improvements to the existing park at Bridgehouse Meadows.

The Masterplan also includes a number of new areas of public space for the local community to meet, relax and spend time, including…

  • Multiple levels of greenery: ground floor, podium level, roof top and improvements to the surrounding embankments;
  • A public route, accessible to all, through the centre of the site linking the new Overground station and South Bermondsey station;
  • 13 public spaces and routes;
  • Improvements to the nearby Bridgehouse Meadows using the site’s natural level changes to make it a place for exercise and play;
  • A destination square, Stadium Square, at the heart of the new development with a playful water feature at its centre. The square will be surrounded by shops and cafes, ensuring it is full of activity throughout the day and evening;
  • Flexible open spaces that can host events;
  • Appropriate amenity open space throughout the development, such as children’s play space, in order to provide health and recreational opportunities for new residents and the local community;
  • A variety of new tree planting at multiple levels. A mix of species will ensure the maximum ecological benefits whilst also providing comfortable public spaces that are shaded from the sun and sheltered from the wind;
  • A square outside the new proposed Overground station, providing a generous space for people to meet and wait for the train or bus;
  • A new lighting strategy will ensure these public spaces are also useable, safe and accessible at night;
  • Planted communal gardens at podium level provide new recreational and play space for residents of the development;
  • A mix of ground floor building uses for sports, leisure, community, retail, industry, employment, and residential will ensure the public realm is well used, active and accessible to the local community.