Improved Connections

A proposed Overground station will be built at New Bermondsey on the East London Line, between Surrey Quays and Queens Road Peckham. Planning permission has been granted and 1/3 of the enabling works have been completed.

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The proposed station is part of a wider programme of transport improvement which will open up this area of London. 40,000 people live within a 15 minute walk of the New Bermondsey site but currently transport connections in the area are poor with one station, South Bermondsey, at the northernmost tip of the site and one bus route, P12, serving the site.

The Masterplan will provide significant benefits for the existing community by:

  • Enabling the proposed Overground station (located at Surrey Canal Road). We are delighted that the government confirmed funding for the new station from the Housing Infrastructure Fund in August 2019;
  • Create two new bus routes through the site, linking the site north (to central London) and south (to Deptford and onto Lewisham) and providing a bus and train interchange at the proposed Overground station;
  • Provide new safe, well-lit routes linking east to west and north to south to encourage cycling and walking.

A key aspect of the Masterplan will be to reconnect this area of London by providing improved connections and routes to ensure that the development area becomes an integrated part of the wider surroundings.

Currently the area has a number of barriers which restrict movement, particularly the road network and the railway embankments, making it difficult for people to easily navigate through the area.

The Masterplan will provide new routes linking east to west and north to south to encourage cycling and walking, including:

  • Crossings at key points along Surrey Canal Road to aid pedestrians and cyclists;
  • A north to south diagonal link across the site making it easy for people to reach the proposed Overground station and South Bermondsey Station;
  • Direct access to South Bermondsey station from Bolina Road;
  • Improvements to 14 surrounding underpasses and railway arches;
  • Upgrades to the existing cycling routes in the area to clearly separate pedestrian and cycle movements and where possible extending the network to encourage cycling.

New railway bridge installed over Surrey Canal Road, 7-10 October 2011.