Open House at New Bermondsey

Our story

New Bermondsey began in 2004 when regeneration specialists Renewal acquired their first piece of land on the 30-acre site. Since then Renewal has worked closely with Lewisham Council and the Mayor of London to create a groundbreaking neighbourhood for inner London.

Renewal acquires first piece of land on the New Bermondsey site.

December 2004
Renewal approach Lewisham Council with ambitions to re-designate the site to mixed-use if significant housing and infrastructure could be delivered.

June 2010
The Greater London Authority (GLA) re-designated the site from strategic industrial land to land suitable for mixed-use development.

June 2011
Lewisham Council’s Core Strategy is adopted, a development which earmarks the site for big improvements, making it one of five strategic areas in north Lewisham to bring significant numbers of new jobs and homes.

July 2011
Outline planning application submitted.

March 2012
Outline planning consent granted.

December 2013
Hillsong Church, London Thunder Basketball Club and Fusion Table Tennis establish new interim facilities on the site prior to the introduction of new permanent headquarters at New Bermondsey.

February 2015
Surrey Canal re-named as New Bermondsey and designated a Housing Zone by the GLA.

December 2015
S73 planning consent granted.